Bahoovas Reign

Whats happened so far...

All the characters have gathered together for their own individual reasons into the small town of rosewood. After sometime of hard labor they return to the tavern though there stay is cut short by an attack on the farm they had been working on. They reach the farm just in time to see a pack of goblins burning it down immediately they apprehend the goblin foes. They fallow tracks back to the goblin encampment where they fight through several small camps of goblins they get the hint that some larger goblin force is beginning to work together. They also find a large picture made of painted stones of a devilish red dragon. once they return to the town of rosewood they are declared the heroes of rose wood and a great feast is to be held. The night of the feast during the drinking and marry making the door is swung open revealing a gorgeous yet mysterious woman. The woman Kyoma is seeking the heroes to invite them to come and meet Commander Paleth Whitemane, she explains that there is a goblin alliance being forged and there army is growing stronger day by day. The heroes accompany Kyoma back to the military outpost of Edgewater. On there way they stay the night in Stonefield running into Cyderics old circus family there they are introduced to Salt a halfing bard who recently joined the circus. Once they arrive at edgewater they meet Paleth Whitemane who informs them of the 12 tribes of goblins uniting under a single banner and asks the heroes for help in proving the goblins uprising as a viable threat to the lords of the country in order to gain there military support. The heroes find a large encampment of goblins and create a distraction in order to sneak in and kill the leader of the encampment and steal documents explainging the alliances in great detail and also they find detailed maps of cities that no goblin could have made alone. They return to Paleth to report what they found and receive the princes crown as a gift. He asks that they take the documents that they have found to the lord Bulvi of Thrane and to Lady Saryne of Cloville. The heroes gather food and new equipment and prepare to set off. They meet A traveling merchant who deals in rare items and creatures. Further on down the road they find his caravan attacked and empty. And no sight of his body. Once the party reaches thrane they push past all the villagers begging for food, Lord bulvi explains to them that they have been under siege every night by an army of clockwork soilders created and lead by rosko The Tinker. He tells them of one soldier who knows where the enemy have been coming from they meet the soldier and he leads them to a door in the wall of a cliff on the beach. Once they get the door unlocked and opened the tunnel lights up with torches two by two down the hall. they find two hidden doors behind the first is some kind of tomb in which they find several magical swords and in the other they find an altar with a book of unholy text and scripture on it. They move through several rooms of workshops filled with worker goblins. At last the heroes come to an office where they find the tinker and his creation of a body guard. After a rough battle the players leave the hideout and make there way back to thrane, Lord Bulvi is pleased with there work and promises to live up to his end and supply troops on the war against the goblin uprising. The players now prepare for the long journey to cloville to speak with Lady Saryne the characters travel a couple of weeks through the plains into the rolling hills and to the ciy of cloville. The players speak with lady saryn she tells the players she will discuss the goblin uprising situation with her council and to return to her in two days.that night the group gets a room at the inn that night kyoma arrives and informs the players that the lady saryn would like help with a killer who has been tormenting her beloved city. There is already a investigator sent by the church to bring the killer to justice but the lady would like her own presence at the crime scenes the players are to report any findings to her.


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